in honor of Bisexual Pride Day here’s a short meta on Goodbye Stranger 8.17 by Robbie Thompson

Naomi’s office windows were always lit by a heavenly white light. But during the crypt scene when brainwashed!Cas is being forced to kill Dean they are suddenly lit like a bisexual flag, except the colors are reversed

an upside down flag is used to signal extreme danger to life or property (x) in the hopes that an ally will see it and come to your aid

Dean is about to be killed and the official flag of bisexuals is shown upside down. Then Cas breaks free of his programming, which saves Dean’s life, and he heals him

To quote another Robbie Thompson script:

"What makes a story work? Is it the plot, the characters, the text? The subtext?
      -Meta Fiction 9.18

He loves to use subtext to tell his stories so I think we’re justified in assuming this scene has subtext